The supply chain – a challenge for digital security

One considerable challenge facing many companies and organisations today is keeping a handle on cybersecurity in supply chains. It is not uncommon that sub-contractors pose a risk since they often have one - and sometimes several - connections to you.

If one of your suppliers is subjected to a cyberattack or an incident, it can also have serious consequences for your operations. For example, it may lead to failures in deliveries or other serious security events. Many recent cyberattacks have been spread precisely by, and/or through, the supply chain.

Mobilskärn, datorskärm och laptop i lila toner.

In today’s digitalised world, we are connected to each other like never before. That is why it is particularly important that EVERYONE has a firm grasp on cybersecurity.

“Two-thirds of all reported incidences in vital societal functions
originate in the supply chain.”

OneMore Secure provides an online service which shores up the supply chain by automating follow-ups and also verifies your suppliers’ cyber hygiene for the duration of the term of the agreement. As a customer of SBSC, you enjoy a 20% discount on this service.

Through automated follow-ups and checks of your suppliers, you can verify your suppliers’ systematic cybersecurity work and monitor whether they are performing in accordance with your requirements and agreements over time. OneMore Secure’s service gives you control over your own and your suppliers’ cyber hygiene today, and supports you in your continuing efforts to improve, which in turn enhances the resilience and continuity of your operation in its day-to-day digital activities.

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