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– a proof of your extensive know-how and quality

Company certification boosts client confidence and your competitiveness. It attests to the fact that your organisation and personnel possess the necessary expertise and that you impose demands on your operations over and above other companies on the market. It is also evidence that your fire and safety arrangements have been set up to function at a high level and reliably.

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Our company certifications


Cyber security

SSF 1101 Cyber Security BASIC

Alarm transmission equipment

EN 50518 Monitoring and Alarm receiving centres

How is company certification carried out?


The application for certification is made via the client portal on SBSC’s website. After you have registered and logged in, you can apply for certification.

02.Supplementing your application

When you register as a customer and complete your application in the client portal, you will have access to your customer folder in our Box file management system.

When your application is received, you will be contacted by SBSC to supplement the documents which are necessary for us to be able to get the certification process underway.

The additional supporting documentation which you may need includes, for example, relevant information regarding your management system and drawings.


When you have supplemented your application and we have determined that the supporting documentation is satisfactory, you will be contacted to plan and schedule an audit. An audit plan will then be sent to you with information regarding the scope, time, and date of the audit.

The audit will then be performed by the auditor(s) in accordance with the audit plan.

The audit may identify one or more deficiencies which need to be corrected. These need to be addressed with an analysis of causes and corrective measures before the certificate can be issued.

04.Decisions regarding the issuance of certificates

When SBSC determines that all requirements of the standard have been met, a decision will be taken regarding the issuance of a certificate, and you will be notified of the decision.

The certificate will then be available for download via SBSC’s client portal. If you have chosen to also receive a printed version of the certificate, it will be sent to you by mail. Information regarding your certificate is also published on

05.During the period of validity

During the period of validity of the certificate, SBSC ensures that the company meets the requirements of the standard for certification as well as our General Terms and Conditions and Certification Provisions. Verifications are normally carried out through regular audits in which our auditors verify that the requirements have been met while they are on site.

06.Re-certification and upgrading certificates

When the period of validity is about to expire, a renewed certification process is carried out to extend the period of validity of the certificate for an additional period. Such renewal of certification is called re-certification. An application for re-certification is normally submitted automatically in the client portal. If you do not wish to extend the certificate, you have the possibility to terminate the process of re-certification in the client portal.

Upgrading a certificate means that a new edition of the standard has been issued for certification. It is the issuer of the standard who determines whether to issue a new edition, not SBSC. To retain the certificate, you need to demonstrate that your company meets the requirements of the new edition of the standard.

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