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Company certification boosts client confidence and your competitiveness. It attests to the fact that your organisation and personnel possess the necessary expertise and that you impose demands on your operations over and above other companies on the market. It is also evidence that your fire and safety arrangements have been set up to function at a high level and reliably.

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Cyber security

SSF 1101 Cyber Security BASIC

Alarm transmission equipment

EN 50518 Monitoring and Alarm receiving centres

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How is company certification carried out?


The process begins when you file an application for certification in our client portal. We register the matter and carry out a manual check to ensure that no unauthorised person is filing an application in your name.


In order to be able to review and assess whether or not you meet the requirements for certification, you will need to supplement your application with supporting documentation. You will receive a checklist by email which lists the necessary additional documentation.


When we have determined that you are ready to advance in the certification process, we will plan and book an audit. The audit is conducted on-site at your premises at which we will go through the management system and other documentation that shows that you meet the requirements of the norm.


We review the supporting documentation you have submitted and examine the results of the audit. We check to ensure that all documents are available and are properly completed and that any nonconformities in the audit have been corrected.

05.Issuance of certificate

When you have met the requirements of the relevant norm, we will issue your certificate. In addition to the original, you will receive a PDF version together with the certification mark. The information is also published on our website.

06.During the period of validity

The certificate is valid for a limited number of years. During the period of validity, our auditors conduct regular checks to ensure that you continue to meet the requirements for certification.

07.Recertification and upgrades

When the period of validity for the certificate is about to expire, we will extend the period of validity of the certificate if the requirements for certification are still met. If the standard has been amended, we upgrade the certificate in accordance with the latest version when the updated requirements are met.

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