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Certification in the areas of fire safety and security is a way to reflect expertise, enhance quality and set standards – for know-how, operations and fire safety and security solutions. Certification is an important part of the effort to create security and increase safety. It is a seal of approval and competitive advantage that adds value also in your marketing efforts.

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Certifying products

We ensure that products fulfil and comply with applicable requirements – and continue to do so over time. With product certification, you certify that your product is high quality.

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Certifying systems

We certify and assist in auditing management systems. Certified management systems make it easier to develop, follow-up and ensure quality in your operations.

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Certifying companies

Company certification demonstrates that your operation possesses the expertise and quality necessary for a serious provider of fire safety and security solutions. Certification contributes to increased profitability, competitiveness and client confidence.

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How is certification carried out?

The process begins with an application submitted in our client portal which will then need to be supplemented with various information depending on the area. We will then make an assessment and review the results together with other documents. When all of the requirements have been met, we will issue the certificate. Normally, we perform regular checks during the period of validity and will remind you when it is time for recertification and upgrading

What is certification?

Certification is a review in which an independent certification body certifies that the expertise of an individual, or the processes, products and systems of a company, meet certain requirements. These requirements vary depending on the certification and are derived from current norms and standards within the area.

Why is certification necessary?

Certification is ultimately about trust. It is a way of setting standards and ensuring quality. With certification, you can certify your expertise, enhance trust in your business and provide an assurance that your products, management systems and facilities operate and comply with important requirements. For purchasers and end customers, it signifies compliance with quality requirements, regular follow-ups and a reliable transaction.

When is certification necessary?

Certification is necessary when purchasers and end customers demand that a supplier or product demonstrates quality, capabilities and characteristics according to law, standards, norms and other regulations. It is also necessary when you need to demonstrate and provide an assurance of quality when it comes to your expertise.

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