Certified fire and security solutions make the world a safer place

For over 25 years, SBSC -Swedish Fire and Safety Certification- has certified companies, people, products and systems. We work to strengthen actors in the fire and safety area and make certification an important part of quality and safety processes.

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Certifying products

Certification demonstrates that a product meets specific crime prevention or fire safety requirements which has been verified by an independent certification body. A product certificate is proof of quality, both nationally and internationally.

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Certifying systems

Certified management systems prove that an organisation meets the requirements of, and continuously works according to, the relevant system. Certification contributes to improved quality, more efficient processes and an even better organisation and operation.

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Certifying companies

Company certification demonstrates that your operation possesses the expertise and quality necessary for a serious provider of fire safety and security solutions. Certification contributes to increased profitability, competitiveness and client confidence.

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Cyber Security BASIC

Certify your company for basic IT security! Cyber Security BASIC is the certification that helps you to strengthen IT security, increases your ability to withstand cyber threats and increases confidence in your organization among customers, partners and claimants.

This is an international certification and we welcome enquiries from companies from around the globe.

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EN 50518

Monitoring and Alarm receiving centres

The European standard, EN 50518, deals with monitoring and alarm receiving centres which receive and process intruder and hold-up alarm systems via traditional alarm systems and CCTV systems, etc.

We are accredited for alarm receiving centres and carry out audits throughout Europe. An SBSC certification according to EN 50518 is valid throughout the entire European market.

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Summer time at SBSC

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