AreaChica changes name – becomes Clira

SBSC’s collaboration partner for simplifying procurement is changing to a new name. The change of name marks a new and exciting phase in the development of the company.

AreaChica byter namn till Clira

Clira CEO Ola Lindewald has this to say about the change of name.

“In order to better reflect the company as it is today and improve our opportunities for expansion into new market segments and geographical areas, AreaChica is announcing that the company will officially change name to Clira. This change of name marks a new and exciting phase in the development of the company.

The change of name is part of our overall strategy to strengthen our trademark position and to clarify our commitment to delivering high-quality products and services as well as customer satisfaction. We have quickly established ourselves on the public procurement market under the AreaChica name and wish to advance our market position further with our new name – Clira.

Clira represents our commitment to clarity, policy compliance, cost efficiency and innovation. We believe that the new name better represents the essence of what we stand for as a company and the direction we are heading. It is part of an exciting change for a company undergoing strong growth. We are convinced that it will reinforce our relationship with our customers and partners,“ says Ola Lindewald, CEO at Clira.

The new name was launched 26 January 2024 and will appear in all official documents, marketing materials and digitally. The company’s website has also been updated to reflect this change, and the new web address is E-mail addresses and domain names for AreaChica will work as usual during a transitional period.

SBSC and Clira

The goal of SBSC’s collaboration with the systems provider, Clira, is to make it simpler for companies and individuals who are SBSC-certified to find new customers simply and economically, obtain appropriate and reasonable procurement terms, and increase the demand for SBSC certification in the procurement process.

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