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Both nationally and internationally, product certification attests to the high quality of a product. Certification of a product in the area of fire safety or crime prevention is proof that the product complies with laws, standards and market demands – and that it is manufactured in factories which are regularly inspected and maintain high quality standards.

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Our product certifications


Fire alarm systems

Products such as smoke detectors, alarm buttons, optical alarm devices, acoustic alarm devices, short-circuit isolators, etc.

Water sprinkler components

Products such as flow meters, alarm pressure switches, sprinkler heads, pipe systems, control valves, etc.

Construction components

Products such as security doors, barred gratings, security glass, industrial doors, shutters, burglar-resistant storage fittings, etc.

Vehicle security

Products such as boat motor locks, bicycle locks, motorcycle locks, vehicle alarms, mechanical extra theft protection for cars, etc.

Secure storage devices

Products such as valuables transport units, high security locks, safety deposit boxes, vaults, safes, service boxes, etc.

Intruder alarm systems

Products such as smoke generators, passive IR detectors, glass-breakage detectors, bypass switches, acoustic glass-break detectors, etc.

Locks and fittings

Products such as lock cases, lock cylinders, padlocks, security chains, etc.

Other areas

Products such as IoT, forensic coding, gun locks, computer locks and security seals.

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How does product certification take place?


You first file an application for certification using our client portal. There you can also find a current price list. We will register your matter once we have received your application.


You will need to supplement your application with supporting documentation such as, for example, test reports and drawings before we can review and determine whether you fulfil the certification requirements. You will receive a checklist by email setting forth the necessary supplementary documents.

03.Production control

For product certification in accordance with System 5, production control is normally carried out by us on a repeated basis during the period of validity of the certificate. No production controls are conducted during the period of validity for product certification in accordance with System 1.


We review the results from any production control and ensure that the supporting documentation you have submitted is available, is properly completed and has been signed where necessary. In the event any supplemental information is necessary, we will contact you.

05.Issuance of certificate

When you meet the necessary requirements of the relevant normal standard, we issue a certificate which is subsequently delivered by post and published in the client portal with the certification mark. The information is also published on our website and on the page for certified security providers. If the certificate has been issued in accordance with a Swedish Theft Prevention Association norm, the information is also published in the Safety Guide.

06.During the period of validity

If the product is certified, we conduct regular production controls. If the product is confirmed, we do not carry out any controls.

07.Recertification and upgrades

When the period of validity for the certificate is about to expire, it is re-certified. We renew the certificate and extend the term of validity if the requirements for certification are still met. If a normal standard has been amended, we upgrade the certificate in accordance with the most recent version when the updated requirements are met.

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