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Both nationally and internationally, product certification attests to the high quality of a product. Certification of a product in the area of fire safety or crime prevention is proof that the product complies with laws, standards and market demands – and that it is manufactured in factories which are regularly inspected and maintain high quality standards.

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Our product certifications


Fire alarm systems

Products such as smoke detectors, alarm buttons, optical alarm devices, acoustic alarm devices, short-circuit isolators, etc.

Water sprinkler

Water sprinkler components

Products such as flow meters, alarm pressure switches, sprinkler heads, pipe systems, control valves, etc.

Construction components

Products such as security doors, barred gratings, security glass, industrial doors, shutters, burglar-resistant storage fittings, etc.

Vehicle security

Products such as boat motor locks, bicycle locks, motorcycle locks, vehicle alarms, mechanical extra theft protection for cars, etc.

Secure storage devices

Products such as valuables transport units, high security locks, safety deposit boxes, vaults, safes, service boxes, etc.

Intruder alarm systems

Products such as smoke generators, passive IR detectors, glass-breakage detectors, bypass switches, acoustic glass-break detectors, etc.

Locks and fittings

Products such as lock cases, lock cylinders, padlocks, security chains, etc.

Other areas

Products such as IoT, forensic coding, gun locks, computer locks and security seals.

How does product certification take place?


The application for certification is made via the client portal on SBSC’s website. After you have registered and logged in, you can apply for certification of a company, individuals, products, and systems.

02.Supplementing your application

When your application is received, you will be contacted by SBSC to supplement the documents which are necessary for us to be able to get the certification process underway. The additional supporting documentation which you may need includes, for example, test reports and drawings.

The documents to be supplemented are shown in the checklist that we email you. Go through the checklist carefully and ensure that all supporting documentation has been included, that it is correct and, where necessary, it has signed. When all supporting documentation is complete, notify us as instructed in the contact information on the checklist.

03.Production control

There are two types of certification processes, System 1, and System 5.

Product certification in accordance with System 5

For product certification in accordance with System 5, production control at the manufacturing site is normally carried out on a repeated basis during the term of validity of the certificate.

When you have supplemented your application in accordance with an appendix and the administrator determines that the supporting documentation is satisfactory, you will be contacted to plan and schedule a production control.

Following this, you will be notified of the control plan with information regarding dates and times.

The control will subsequently be conducted by auditors in accordance with the control plan which has been sent out. The normal amount of time for a control is one day. The day is concluded with a joint review of the results of the control. The production control may identify nonconformities which, in such case, are to be addressed with corrective actions.

Product certification in accordance with System 1

For product certification in accordance with System 1, production control at the manufacturing site is not conducted during the term of validity of the certificate.


When all supplemental supporting documentation has been sent to us, the supporting documentation is reviewed. We check to ensure that all supporting documentation is available. Where necessary, we will contact you if supplemental information is necessary.

If the manufacturing site have undergone a production control and been informed of nonconformities, we examine your corrective actions. If we are of the opinion that the actions are insufficient, we will notify you and you will have an opportunity to supplement the corrective actions.

05.Decision regarding the issuance of certificate

When SBSC determines that all requirements of the relevant norms or standards have been fulfilled, a decision is taken regarding the issuance of a certificate, and you will be notified of the decision.

The certificate will then be available for download via SBSC’s client portal. If you have chosen to also receive a printed version of the certificate, it will be sent to you by mail. Information regarding your certificate is also published on

06.During the term of validity of the certificate

If the product is certified according to System 5, repeated production controls at the manufacturing site are carried out. If the product is certified according to System 1, no production controls are carried out.

07.Re-certification and upgrading of certificate

When the period of validity is about to expire, a renewed certification process is carried out to extend the period of validity of the certificate for an additional period. Such renewal of certification is called re-certification. An application for re-certification is normally submitted automatically in the client portal. If you do not wish to extend the certificate, you have the possibility to terminate the process of re-certification in the client portal.

Upgrading certificates entails that a new issue of the regulations to which the certification pertains has been released. The issuer of the regulations is responsible for issuing new editions, not SBSC. To retain the certificate, you need to demonstrate that the product fulfils the requirements of the new edition of the regulations. Often, an upgrade is carried out in conjunction with re-certification to avoid repeating the work.

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