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In addition to our main areas, we also certify components according to the norms and standards below. You will find the current editions regarding, seals, locks and security ink among others.

Product certification according to these norms and standards is proof that your products maintain a certain security standard.

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Current certifications within other areas

SSF 1098

Forensic coding

B 1992:613/1

Pull-through seal

B 1992:613/3

Compact seal

SSFN 001

Computer lock

SSFN 703

Seal – heavy transportation units

SSF 1120

IoT - Connected device

There are many advantages in product certification. Among other things, it is a quality assurance of function and safety.

Advantages of being certified by SBSC

  • SBSC is Scandinavia’s leading certification body within fire safety and security. A certification by SBSC shows your customers that you meet all the requirements in relevant standards.
  • The certification increases product competitiveness and market value.
  • The certification is a guarantee to end customers that the product is regularly reviewed and assessed by an independent certification body.
  • The certification certifies that the product fulfils important requirements in recognised Swedish and international standards for quality, safety and performance.
  • The certification shows that the component meets the requirements in high-quality fire safety and security solutions, contributing to both a sense of security as well as safety.
  • SBSC’s certificates and certification marks enjoy substantial market value and a high level of recognition both in the industry and with end customers and standards authorities.
  • Certification builds confidence in your operation and products, both internally and externally.
  • We can help you with marketing; Describe your company on while showcasing your logo and product, and effortlessly informing your customers about your valid certificates.

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