Complaints management process

Version: 2020-05-28

The opinions of, and any complaints from, our customers and others who are affected by certification within the area of fire and security are important elements of our effort to continuously improve our operations and routines. We have a defined process and matter management system to address these opinions and any complaints.

The process for addressing complaints is as follows:

1. We recieve the complaint
2. The matter is registered and a process administrator is appointed
3. We acknowledge receipt of the complaint
4. A root cause analysis is carried out
5. Decision and corrective measure(s) are taken
6. We follow-up with the complainant
7. We follow up internally on the effects of the corrective measure(s) taken

The process for addressing complaints is subject to confidentiality.

You may inform us of any complaints regarding the performance or results of our services by notifying your contact person with us or by email sent to [email protected].

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