Product Certification of

Locks and fittings

We offer services for product certification of locks and fittings. Certification and quality marking of locks and fittings for buildings demonstrate to the market that your products meet quality and safety requirements and that they will continue do so over time.

All norms and standards include classification, requirements and testing methods.

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Current certifications for locks and fittings

SSF 014


SSF 018

Padlock fittings

SSF 1051

Security bars

SSF 1070

Door latches

SSF 1072

Locking devices (which cannot be referred to another standard)

SSF 3522

Mechanical lock cases, Electromechanical lock cases, Mechanical striking plates, Electromechanical striking plates, Mechanical cylinders, Mechatronic cylinders, Reinforcement plates

SSFN 020

Security chain fittings

SSFN 022

Security chains

SSFN 024

Key storage units DNT, Key storage units VNT Key storage units VNT

SS 3535

Lockable espagnolettes, espagnolettes

SS 3620

Locks for windows/glass doors

SS-EN 1125

Panic exit devices operated by a horizontal bar

SS-EN 1158

Door coordinator devices

SS-EN 1303

Mechanical cylinders

SS-EN 12051

Single point bolts for doors and windows

SS-EN 14846

Electromechanically operated locks and striking plates

EN 12320

Padlock fittings

EN 15684

Mechatronic cylinders

Product certification attests to the fact that locks and fittings possess the appropriate strength, security and function.

Advantages of certification

  • Increases product competitiveness and market value.
  • Is a guarantee to the end customer that the product is regularly reviewed and assessed by an independent certification body.
  • Certifies that the product fulfils important requirements in recognised Swedish and international standards for quality, safety and performance.
  • Meets the requirements for components in high-quality fire safety and security solutions, contributing to both a sense of security as well as safety.
  • Is easily identifiable. 94% of persons in the 30-49 age group in Sweden recognised the ”Safety Eye” and associate it with security and safety.
  • Allows the holder to use, in addition to the certificate, well recognised certification marks.
  • The possibility to present your company with your logo and text together with the certificate
  • Possibility to publish pictures of your certified products

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