Product certification of

Secure storage devices

We offer services for product certification of secure storage devices. This area covers, among other things, certification of security cabinets and locks possessing various characteristics and providing different levels of protection.

Product certification of secure storage devices contributes to secure storage of valuable property. Certification shows that a product meets the specific demands for characteristics and safety levels.

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Current certifications of secure storage devices

SSF 1045

Security ink

SSF 1048

Safety deposit boxes

SSF 1056

Display cases

SSF 3492

Secure cabinets

SSFN 045

Valuables transport units

SS 3880

High security locks

SS-EN 1300

High security locks

SS-EN 1143-1

Safes, Safe doors

SS-EN 1143-2

Night safes, Deposit safes

SS-EN 14450

Secure safe cabinets

B 1992:613/2

Security tamper-evident bags

Product certification of secure storage devices responds to the increasing need to be able to securely store valuable property.

Advantages of certification

  • Increases product competitiveness and market value.
  • Is a guarantee to the end customer that the product is regularly reviewed and assessed by an independent certification body.
  • Certifies that the product fulfils important requirements in recognised Swedish and international standards for quality, safety and performance.
  • Meets the requirements for components in high-quality fire safety and security solutions, contributing to both a sense of security as well as safety.
  • Is easily identifiable. 94% of persons in the 30-49 age group recognised the ”Safety Eye” and associate it with security and safety.
  • Allows the holder to use, in addition to the certificate, well recognised certification marks.
  • The possibility to present your company with your logo and text together with the certificate
  • Possibility to publish pictures of your certified products

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