We welcome Jonas Widell to SBSC

We are happy to welcome Jonas as he takes on his role as fire sprinkler certification engineer at SBSC. It’s great to have you!

Tell us about what you did before you joined SBSC.

– Before I came here, I worked at Nordiska Brand AB as an authorised fire sprinkler technician and managing sprinkler designer. I had contact with customers, builders and planning groups regarding everything from economic issues to coordination of building installations. There was also a fair amount of sprinkler system design in AutoCAD and Revit, pressure loss calculations and preparation of various documents and drawings at different stages of planning.

Also, in recent years, there has been an exponential use in BIM (Building Information Modelling) – digital tools which support and rationalise the entire process from idea to property management. As a result, one of my last projects included a total ban on using physical paper. Everything had to take place digitally, even at the construction site. And it worked!

What will you be doing at SBSC?

– At the start, my role will be a fire sprinkler certification engineer, but I look forward to expanding my skillset in order to also grow in other areas such as, for example, water mist systems and fire alarms.

What do you do in your spare time?

– It recently occurred to me that I have the same leisure interests I had when I was 12 years old: I still poke around with electronic music production, tinker with computers and ride skateboards. However, when it comes to skateboarding, I do so with a bit more caution since I’m now more susceptible to age-related injuries such as sprains and heel spurs.

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