SSF 130 interpretation document – date added 2023-03-01

Interpretation document for SSF 130 ed. 9 was issued on 1 March 2023 after it emerged that certain sections of the standard were unclear or difficult to interpret.

In the course of his work, John Lindvall, certification engineer at SBSC, has noted that the new interpretation document has not been brought to the attention of everyone who would benefit from the information.

”It seems to me that very few people are aware of the new interpretation, which includes, among other things, the addition of some definitions and clarification of several others. Several sections have been supplemented and clarified, and some have been deleted altogether.”

Mats Moberg at the Swedish Theft Prevention Association has this to say about the new interpretation document:

”SSF 130, edition 9, was published in November 2021. An interpretation was published on 4 February 2022, which contained corrections of some errors in the standard. After talking to users during the spring and summer of 2022, it appeared that certain sections of the standard were unclear or difficult to interpret, and the SSF 130 working group decided that an additional interpretation would be produced in order to iron out any ambiguities. This second interpretation was published 1 March 2023.”

What are the most important changes?

”The most important change in the interpretation document is that certain requirements have been clarified in order to avoid misunderstandings and ambiguities.
The text of interpretation became quite extensive, but it contains information which is important for users in order to be able to plan/install specific classes of intruder alarm systems.”

”Discussions with the working group are planned for 2023/2024 in order to produce a new edition of SSF 130 (edition 10) in which the language of the interpretation document will be included in order to compile all information in one and the same document, SSF 130.”

You can download the Swedish interpretation document as a PDF file, free of charge, in connection with the standard in SSF’s online store.

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