SBSC issues of the world’s first certificate for class 3 wheel locking devices

Thefts of wheels from vehicles constitute a major cost item for insurance companies and, consequently, purchasers of insurance. SBSC has now issued the world’s first certificate for class III wheel locking devices in accordance with the SSF 049 standard.

Rims and tires have an economic value for thieves on the second-hand market, and there are number of products to protect against this type of theft. However, at present, Rimgard is the only class III certified wheel locking device in the world.

”Being selected by Rimgard to be the certification body is a great feeling. The wheel locking device they have certified is highly innovative, and we are pleased that they have put their confidence in SBSC to implement the certification process. Many of us have grown weary of tire and rim theft, and this certified product will make a thief’s work considerably more difficult,” says Mårten Wallén, Managing Director of Svensk Brand- och Säkerhetscertifiering.

The concept behind the smart wheel lock was born when Rimgard’s founder, Lars Ivarsson, was himself a victim of a theft of the rims on his Porsche. It was the starting shot for a new career and the foundation of Rimgard.

”The product which has now been certified is the world’s first wheel lock certified in accordance with the SSF 049 class III standard. The lock has been subjected to and cleared a number of challenging tests performed both by Rimgard and by third parties and has met the requirements for the highest security class. The lock cylinder from Assa Abloy is a high-security cylinder which is extremely resistant to manipulation and picking,” explains Martin Ljungqvist, CEO of Rimgard.

”We are very proud of this certification since it is an official acknowledgment of Rimgard as the absolute most secure product on the market,” says Martin Ljungqvist.

Certification of wheel locking devices in accordance with SSF 049 is intended to ensure that the product meets applicable requirements. Several insurance companies are rolling out the use of wheel locks.

”We chose SBSC as the certification body because it is the leader on the certification market and enjoys a strong trademark with a high level of recognition both amongst private individuals and insurance companies,” concludes Martin Ljungqvist.

SBSC is Sweden’s leading certification body within the areas of fire safety and security and offers the market’s most sought after certifications within the area. In addition to issuing certificates and performing audits, we also actively work to ensure that certification is used as a selection factor in procurement and to create an understanding of the value of choosing products and services of very high quality. We are continuously disseminating our knowledge regarding the benefits of certification – to standards authorities as well as insurance companies and governmental authorities, purchasers such as municipalities and county councils and end customers on the company and private markets.

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