New standard for certified installers of intruder alarms

The Swedish Theft Prevention Association together with, among others, Säkerhetsbranschen, Verisure and Sector Alarm have produced a new standard for certified installers of intruder alarms in accordance with SSF 140.

SSF 1112

These installations pertain to intruder alarms with wireless alarms, e.g. systems for home alarms intended for the private market or other types of systems in alarm class R. The standards may accordingly be used as a basis for the terms and conditions used by insurance companies and other standards authorities also for this type of intruder alarm system.

The requirements for becoming a certified, authorized installer can be found in standard SSF 1112, ed. 1 – Behörig installatör – Inbrottslarm med intern radioöverföring (Certified installers – Intruder alarms with built-in radio transmission).

The conditions for the installation of an intruder alarm system in a correct way which operates satisfactorily is that it is installed by an installer/provider with personnel who possess sufficient expertise in accordance with the standard. In addition, it is essential that service and warranty undertakings can be maintained for the system.

Set forth below are some examples of basic requirements in order to be a certified, authorized installer in accordance with the most recent edition of SSF 1112.

  • The authorized installer must be knowledgeable about the technical solutions to be installed, have carried out not less than two test installations in accordance with the SSF 140 standard, including project planning and installation, and also have carried out service and maintenance on not less than two systems. The satisfaction of each condition must be documented.
  • The authorized installer must be proficient in the minimization of the number of nuisance alarms, industry standards regarding point types, detection principles, basic knowledge of cybersecurity, radio transmission, alarm forwarding and alarm transmission.
  • The authorized installer must be proficient with (without access to any aids) 140:2 Planning and installation of intruder alarm systems with built-in radio transmission.
  • While having access to the rules and regulations, the authorized installer must be proficient with, and able to interpret, applicable parts of the following standards, laws and regulations: the Swedish Alarms Act (Swedish Code of Statutes 1983:1097), SSF 136 Alarm Receiving Centres, SSF 1014 System Components – Intruder Alarm Systems, SSF 1101 Cybersecurity and SS-EN 50131–1 Alarm Systems, Part 1: General Requirements.

SSF 1112, edition 1, applies commencing 2023-05-01.

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