Cyber Security BASIC – The first business certification for cyber security in the Nordic region

Cyber Security BASIC LEVEL is a certification which helps you reinforce IT security, enhance your ability to withstand cyber threats and increases confidence in your business amongst your customers, partners and standards authorities.

In recent years, companies and organisations have been the target of an ever-increasing number of electronic attacks, fraud and cyber-espionage. All too frequently, these attacks are discovered too late or not at all – with consequences which affect the operations of the entire organisation. This is why it is essential in today’s world to be aware of – and protect yourself against – the most common cyber threats. It is with this in mind that the SSF 1101 Cyber Security BASIC LEVEL standard was produced by the Swedish Theft Prevention Association in cooperation with the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), the Swedish Police, and several industry organisations.

The standard sets forth the requirements necessary for the basic level of IT security for small and medium-sized companies and organisations. Certification according to this standard is the first of its kind in the Nordic region and is intended to enhance overall information security at large.

What is information and IT security?

Information security is about maintaining confidentiality, accessibility and accuracy of information. Information is an asset which, like other important business assets, is valuable to a business thus requires suitable protection.

By means of specific information security measures, the goal is to protect information and information systems from unauthorised access, use, manipulation, outage, modification, examination, play-back or destruction.

IT security encompasses computer security and communications security and involves the technical security measures necessary in order to maintain information security.

Why get certified?

By implementing the security measures necessary to establish basic IT security, maintain a staff with elevated security awareness and certifying your operation, you demonstrate that you take these risks seriously. Cyber Security BASIC LEVEL enhances confidence in your organisation amongst customers, cooperation partners and standards authorities.

Certification is achieved by means of a client declaration and is suitable for all types of companies and organisations.


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