Certified weapons cabinets and other weapons storage

Firearms must always be stored in a secure and approved cabinet. Certified weapons cabinets are always approved in accordance with the Swedish Weapons Act. Below, you will find an overall description of the various types of weapons storage available and a presentation of what you can do if you have an older, unapproved weapons cabinet in accordance with current Swedish standards.

Storage in a security cabinet or safe

Storage of firearms is regulated by the Swedish Weapons Act and the regulations of the Swedish National Police Board. These rules state what is required for approved storage. An approved method of storage may consist, for example, of a security cabinet which meets the requirements of the SSF 3492 specification (formerly designated SS 3492), or safes which meet the requirements of the EN 1143-1 standard, grade III or higher, and which are equipped with a high-security lock in accordance with SSF 3880.

The standard according to which the cabinet is certified is normally found on the cabinet, usually on the inside.

Older model cabinets and secure storage techniques

Older model cabinets which are not approved according to Swedish standards may sometimes be regarded as meeting the requirements of “equally secure storage units”. In order to determine whether such a cabinet fulfils the requirements, you can retain a secure storage technician. The technician possesses the knowledge and skills to inspect both the lock and the storage unit and can prepare documentation based on the inspection. On the other hand, it is the Swedish Police Authority which – in certain cases with the assistance of, for example, the technician’s documentation – ultimately decides whether a storage area may be used for weapons storage.


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