Bicycle locks – protect your bicycle with approved, certified locks

Stop thieves and protect your bicycle by using bicycle locks which are certified by an independent certification body and approved by your insurance company.

Approved locks and certified locks

Most insurance companies require that a bicycle be locked with an approved bicycle lock in order to meet the policy terms and conditions. Approved bicycle locks shall either be certified or vouched for by SBSC in accordance with the standards of the Swedish Theft Prevention Association. On this page you can find links to locks certified and vouched for by SBSC and tips on how to make a thief’s job more difficult.

Certified locks and approved locks have undergone testing at a testing laboratory and the lock meets the requirement specification.

There are various requirement specifications for different types of locks. Through testing methods, an attempt is made to imitate possible methods of attack used by criminals.

It is important to always check with your insurance company about what applies to various vehicles such as mopeds, bicycles or motorcycles.

Lock your bicycle with an approved lock certified by SBSC

Each year, more than 70,000 bicycle thefts are reported, which makes bicycle thefts one of the most common crimes in Sweden. Locking a bicycle with a certified lock makes it more difficult for the bicycle thief to succeed while you rest assured that the lock is approved by insurance companies.

According to a survey conducted by the Swedish Theft Prevention Association, the risk of having your bicycle stolen is three times greater if it is locked only with the lock included with the bicycle compared with situations in which it is secured to a fixed object with an extra lock.

Tips for protecting your bicycle and making it more difficult for thieves:

  • Lock your bicycle with SBSC certified bicycle locks and/or a certified padlock with a certified chain in accordance with the standards issued by the Swedish Theft Prevention Association.
  • It is better to use several locks and to lock the bicycle frame.
  • Lock your bicycle to a fixed object.
  • Store the bicycle in a secure location – at home, a bicycle should be locked in a garage, locked bicycle storage unit or similar or stored in the residence.
  • During the day, you should avoid parking your bicycle in secluded locations with few people.
  • Avoid parking your bicycle in public places at night.
  • Mark your bicycle against theft and make a note of the frame number. Anti-theft marking is possible in various ways including by using MärkDNA. You will find certified products for MärkDNA here.


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