ISO 26000

Guidance on social responsibility of organisations

ISO 26000 is a guidance standard for the social responsibility of organisations. It can be used by small and large organisations alike.

Through a self-declaration, organisations can showcase how they work with social responsibility and sustainability issues. The self-declaration describes how the organisation works to successfully maximise its contributions to sustainable development. The self-declaration is verifiable. In order to prove that the contents of its self-declaration are correct, organisations can obtain verification of the self-declaration through an accredited verification body.

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The seven key principles of ISO 26000

ISO 26000 covers a broad spectrum of social issues such as working conditions, the environment, sound business practices, consumer issues, social engagement and development. More and more organisations are choosing to work according to this standard and use it to produce a clear work strategy in order to maximise contributions to the UN Global Sustainability Goals.

According to ISO 26000, an organisation’s social responsibility work should be permeated by seven key principles.

The seven key principles are:

  • accountability
  • transparency
  • ethical behaviour
  • respect for stakeholder interests
  • respect for the rule of law
  • respect for international norms of behaviour
  • respect for human rights

In combination with ISO 26000 , the SIS/TS 2 self-declaration provides supports and aids your organisation in implementing, packaging and communicating your social responsibility in a convincing way. Working with this standard helps your organisation identify its strengths and weaknesses which, in turn, can be turned into opportunities for business and development. The standard is based on dialogue with your stakeholders, which allows for better control of suppliers and added value for stakeholders.


The self-declaration, which is prepared in accordance with SIS/TS 2:2021, consists of 50 questions for your organisation. Your answers create a description of your operational work involving ISO 26000.

The organisation can then choose to have SBSC verify the results of the self-declaration. A verification involves an impartial review by SBSC of your organisation’s self-declaration, statements regarding the organisation’s social responsibility, and its integrity and reliability.


When the organisation meets the requirements for verification in accordance with SIS/TS 2:2021, a written assessment is issued in the form of a report together with a statement in the form of a verification which confirms the organisation’s sustainability and ISO 26000 work.

Benefits of this verification

A self-declaration regarding social responsibility can be used by various organisations in order to:

  • Chart the impact on stakeholders and society and create work methods and goals in order to increase the organisation’s positive impact while reducing its negative impact
  • Ensure compliance with the requirements established by law and other stakeholders
  • Provide the management of the organisation with a good understanding of the organisation’s impact on taking social responsibility
  • Set up specific targets for improvement, continuously follow up, and evaluate the effects of taking social responsibility
  • Continuously improve performance
  • Create sustainable business models

Advantages of being vertified by SBSC

  • SBSC is Scandinavia’s leading certification body within fire safety and security. A verification by SBSC shows your customers that you meet all the requirements in the standard.
  • A vertification by SBSC shows that you continuously strive towards improvement.
  • An ISO verification is a competitive advantage in procurement.
  • SBSC’s certificates and certification marks enjoy substantial market value and a high level of recognition both in the industry and with end customers and standards authorities.
  • We can help you with marketing; Describe your company on while showcasing your logo and effortlessly informing your customers about your valid certificates. Our website gets  thousands of searches for certified and companies, products and persons every month.

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