"The majority of procurements are decided by the lowest price when the best quality should be the decisive factor"

The use of certification when procuring or purchasing means that the buyer knows what they are getting – a guaranteed and regular inspection of a company, their personnel, products and management systems.

 Why should I as a buyer demand certification? 

  • Monitoring of contracts is the weakest link in the procurement chain, in both the private and public sectors.
  • Certification helps the client to know that things will turn out as promised.
  • Certification is a guarantee for the customer that quality demands will be met.
  • In their turn, quality requirements are produced by government agencies and interest organisations, i.e. independently of the manufacturer, supplier etc.


Is it permitted to require certification in public procurement? Yes it is. However, it is important not to rely solely on certification but to also give suppliers the opportunity to prove that they meet requirements by taking equivalent measures. It is then the responsibility of uncertified suppliers to explain why their goods or services are as safe as those of a certified company.

As a buyer, the ongoing control of quality in supplied goods or services is often the weak link in the contract. This can be solved by for example, making demands for annual assessments in an agreement. As a buyer, carrying out one’s own controls is often an expensive, resource-draining procedure. Therefore, certification is a cheaper alternative for the buyer when ensuring quality over time.

By choosing certification, our customers have proven that they maintain high levels of quality. A level of quality that permeates the company, its personnel, products and management systems. Something that in turn means that the purchaser of certified services and products in the fire protection and crime prevention sectors knows what they are buying.


Certification brings with it advantages

As a client of SBSC, you will be engaging one of SWEDAC's accredited certification bodies, meaning you will receive:

  • Competent and independent auditing
  • Long-term support in your pursuit of improvement
  • A certificate that is trusted by the market, both nationally and internationally