Certificate 20-156

Burglar protective walls SPA230E LIFE 0.6/0.7

Ruukki Construction Oy

Ruukki Construction Oy

Burglar protective walls

SSF 1047, utgåva 2

Certificate number:

Certificate holder:
Ruukki Construction Oy

Burglar protective walls

Product designation:
SPA230E LIFE 0.6/0.7

grade 2

SSF 1047, utgåva 2

Certification scheme:
Scheme 5 (ISO/IEC 17067:2013)

Period of validity:

The holder of a certificate is responsible for ensuring that the product image corresponds to the issued certificate.

Ruukki Construction Oy

Steel-based sustainable products, systems and solutions for walls and roofs, for both commercial buildings and private homes, developed to live up to the highest demands on durability in harsh conditions. We are of Nordic origin, part of SSAB.

Ruukki Construction Oy
Panuntie 11
00620 Helsinki

+358 20 5911
Organization number: 002389-4502

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