Certificate 19-370

Control and indicating equipment Galaxy Dimension 520 (C520-D-E3)

Honeywell Security UK Limited

Honeywell Security UK Limited

Control and indicating equipment

SSF 1014, utgåva 5

Certificate number:

Certificate holder:
Honeywell Security UK Limited

Control and indicating equipment

Product designation:
Galaxy Dimension 520 (C520-D-E3)

Environmental class:
Environmental Class II

Alarm Class 3

SSF 1014, utgåva 5

Certification scheme:
Scheme 1a (ISO/IEC 17067:2013)

Period of validity:

Följande tillbehör har ingått i provningsuppsättningen: CP037 Keypad, CP038 Keypad with proximity card reader, C072 Expander box 8 inputs – 4 outputs, P026-50-B Additional power supply box with inputs / outputs expander, C081 Processing and power supply box for control of 2 access, C084 Audio interface box, C085 Audio mix box, C079-2 Wireless interface box, TCB800M Remote control (white with alert), TCB8M Remote control (white without alert), TCC800M Remote control with alert, TCC8M Remote control without alert, CP050 Keypad CP051 Keypad with proximity card reader, A073-00-01 Wireless interface, E080-08 Ethernet module, E080-10 Ethernet module, A226 Bus expander, A079 Dual battery modul

Honeywell Security UK Limited
Building 5 Carlton Park
King Edward Avenue, Narborough
LE19 0AL Leicester
United Kingdom

+44 1698.738.500
[email protected]
Organization number: 022347-2876

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