SBSC issues iLOQ the first certificate under the EN 16864 standard

When the innovative Finnish lock company, iLOQ, was going to certify mechatronic padlocks in accordance with the EN 16864 standard, they turned to SBSC. This spring, the certificate was issued which makes it the first of its kind to be issued by SBSC.

“We are delighted that iLOQ chose us as the certification body. Their product portfolio is really on the cutting edge, and it will be exciting to follow iLOQ’s development moving forward. Innovative companies coming out with smart products are always very interesting,” says Mårten Wallén, Managing Director of SBSC.

iLOQ is a Finnish growth company which transforms mechanical lock systems to modern digital lock systems. The company offers self-powered digital lock systems and access control which are revolutionizing the lock industry. iLOQ systems are based on technologies which they themselves have developed and patented and which make electronic locks without batteries or cables possible.

The products which are now certified are H50S.4 and H50S.5. These are padlocks which are both powered and operated with a mobile telephone using NFC technology, and the areas of use are primarily within the utility sector such as, for example, telecom network services, power production and distribution companies, water treatment plants, data centers, and transportation services and property services.

”iLOQ, which is a market leader in the area of digital lock systems, places tremendous emphasis on security and quality, which is why it is important for us to cooperate with a certification body that is highly reputed on the Swedish security market. In addition, the products we have now certified are extremely resistant to dirt, moisture and cold temperatures and, accordingly, can be used advantageously in exposed environments. All of our sales are made through a network of retailers,” says Christer Wiberg, iLOQ’s Country Manager in Sweden.

SBSC is Sweden’s leading certification body in the area of fire safety and security and offers the market’s most sought-after certifications within this area. In addition to issuing certificates and performing audits, we also actively strive to ensure that certification is used as a selection factor in conjunction with procurement and to create an understanding of the value of choosing products and services of very high quality. We are continuously spreading the word about the benefits of certification to standards authorities such as insurance companies and governmental authorities, buyers such as municipalities and county councils, as well as to customers on the corporate and private markets.

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