SBSC has certified is Sweden’s first water sprinkler engineer (class BIV-B)

SBF 1018:5 states the requirements for obtaining certification as an authorized water sprinkler engineer (class BIV). Jonas Turesson of CeTeK Besiktning AB was the first to be certified in accordance with the SBF 1018:5 class B standard.

”It feels great to be certified and a little fun to be the first one. Certification is essential to our business and contributes to maintaining a high level of know-how,” says Jonas Turesson, who found the test to be a little more challenging than before.

An automatic fire alarm system detects and extinguishes fires in their initial stages and controls them long enough to ensure that suppression measures may be taken and evacuation can safely take place. A properly installed water sprinkler system contributes both to reducing costs associated with fire losses and to saving lives. The standard has been produced by the Swedish Fire protection Association in cooperation with, the Swedish Installation Federation, Sprinklerkonsulterna, SBSC and fire safety consultants. The goal is to contribute to ensuring that the quality of the installation of water sprinkler systems is up to par, highly reliable and in accordance with applicable rules.

Furthermore, it is possible to extend the certificate to one or more supplementary classes; class B for residential sprinklers, class D for water mist systems and class T for pressurised standpipes. SBF 1018:5 class BIV-B corresponds to the former SBF 1018:4 edition. Jonas Turesson plans to obtain certification in supplementary class T when it becomes possible.

”We are pleased that so many have expressed interest in obtaining certification in accordance with the new standard, and we hope to soon have the possibility to also provide upgrades to the various additional classes,” says Kenneth Hedman, Area Manager for water sprinklers at SBSC.

Furthermore, in order to facilitate the certification process, SBSC offers examination opportunities in several locations. In addition to Stockholm, examinations are now offered in Malmö, Gothenburg, Sundsvall, Jönköping, Gävle, Växjö, Skövde, Örebro, Östersund and Umeå with several additional locations to be added in the autumn.

Read more about certification here (Swedish only)


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