SBSC certifies products for evacuation alarms with spoken messages

A system for evacuation alarms with spoken messages contributes to the cooperative interaction of other fire protection measures in order to save lives and reduce costs from fire damage. In order to increase safety further, SBSC - Svensk Brand- och Säkerhetscertifiering - now offers an updated service for product certification of central equipment for evacuation alarms with spoken messages.

In order for an evacuation alarm with a spoken message to operate securely, it is essential that the components of the alarm perform and function properly. In most cases, the component requirements are set forth in the EN-54 standards series. However, in order for central equipment to be used in a facility with an evacuation alarm with a spoken message, special requirements and certifications in compliance with SBF 502 are obligatory. 

SBSC is an accredited certification body for product certification in accordance with ISO/IEC 17065, and issues requisite certificates. Certification from SBSC makes it clear to customers and standards authorities that central equipment complies with requirements and enhances safety. SBSC is the leading certification body in the Nordic area within fire safety and security, and our certifications and certificates are quality seals that improve competitive strength and increase market value. 

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