Certificate 18-146

High security locks LA GARD Basic, ComboGard Pro, AuditGard

dormakaba USA Inc.

dormakaba USA Inc.

High security locks

SS 3880:2015

Certificate number:

Certificate holder:
dormakaba USA Inc.

High security locks

Product designation:
LA GARD Basic, ComboGard Pro, AuditGard

SS 3880:2015

Certification scheme:
Scheme 5 (ISO/IEC 17067:2013)

Period of validity:

Låstyp: Elektroniskt kodlås. Omfattar modell: 4200M, 4300M, 3740M, 6040M; Knappsats: 3000, 3035, 3125, 3190, 3750, 3750-K, 4715, 5715, 5750, 5750

dormakaba USA Inc.
1525 Bull Lea Rd
Suite 100
40511 Lexington Ky
United States

Organization number: 000000-0000

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