Certificate 16-94

Control and indicating equipment Pacom 8002R-001

Pacom Group AB

Pacom Group AB

Control and indicating equipment

SSF 1014, utgåva 5


Certificate number:

Certificate holder:
Pacom Group AB

Control and indicating equipment

Product designation:
Pacom 8002R-001

Alarm Class 4

SSF 1014, utgåva 5

Certification scheme:
Scheme 1a (ISO/IEC 17067:2013)

Period of validity:

Följande tillbehör har ingått i provningsuppsättningen: Output Expansions card 8203R-001-UL, Input Expansions card 8204R-001-UL, RS232/RS85 Comms Expansions card 8205R-001-UL, RS485 Star Coupler Expansions card 8207R-001-UL , Memory Expansions card 8403R-001, GPRS Modem Expansion card 8210R-001-UL, Keypad 8101AR-001, Keypad 8101R-001, Input/ Output Card 8501R-001-UL, Input/ Output Card 1076R-IO, Input/ output Card 1068R-001-UL, I/O expansion card type 8603R-001-UL.

E-number (information provided by customer):

The holder of a certificate is responsible for ensuring that the product image corresponds to the issued certificate.

Pacom Group AB

PACOM designs, develops and manufactures industry-leading security platforms for enterprise multi-site and campus environments integrating hardware and software into a single solution.

Pacom Group AB
Kistagången 20B
164 40 Kista

+46 08 12 13 98 00
[email protected]
Organization number: 556081-8733

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