Certificate 15-442

Mechanical cylinder Medeco BiLevel

Medeco Security Locks, INC

Medeco Security Locks, INC

Mechanical cylinder

EN 1303:2015

Certificate number:

Certificate holder:
Medeco Security Locks, INC

Mechanical cylinder

Product designation:
Medeco BiLevel

EN 1303:2015

Certification scheme:
Scheme 5 (ISO/IEC 17067:2013)

Period of validity:

CLASSIFICATION: Character 1 Category of use: Grade 1, Character 2 Durability: Grade 6, Character 3 Door mass: Grade 0, Character 4 Fire resistance: Grade 0, Character 5 Safety: Grade 0, Character 6 Corrosion resistance and temperature: Grade C, Character 7 Key related security: Grade 6, Character 8 Attack resistance: Grade D

Medeco Security Locks, INC
P.O.Box 3075
24153-0330 Salem, Virginia
United States

877 633 3261
Organization number: 54-0846919

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