Certificate 15-419

Control and indicating equipment SPC 4320.320

Vanderbilt International (IRL) Ltd

Vanderbilt International (IRL) Ltd

Control and indicating equipment

SSF 1014, utgåva 5

Certificate number:

Certificate holder:
Vanderbilt International (IRL) Ltd

Control and indicating equipment

Product designation:
SPC 4320.320

Environmental class:
Environmental Class II

Alarm Class 2

SSF 1014, utgåva 5

Certification scheme:
Scheme 1a (ISO/IEC 17067:2013)

Period of validity:

Följande tillbehör har ingått i provningsuppsättningen: Power supply Smart PSU, I/O-Exp., G5, SPCP355.300 (Only for SPC6350.320-L1, SPC5350.320-L1) Power supply SPCP 333.300 Keypad LCD SPCK 420.100 Keypad LCD SPCK 421.100 Keypad Compact Keypad Neu., SPCK520.100 Keypad Compact Keypad w. CR Neu., SPCK521.100 Keypad Comfort LCD SPCK 620.100 Keypad Comfort LCD with RFID reader SPCK 623.100 Key Switch expander SPCE 110.100 Indication expander SPCE 120.100 I/O Expander with 8 relay outputs: SPCE 452.100 I/O Expander with 2 relay outputs and 8 inputs: SPCE 652.100

Vanderbilt International (IRL) Ltd
Clonshaugh Business & Technology Park
D17 KV84 Clonshaugh, 17 Dublin

00353 864603638
[email protected]
Organization number: IE 3335135VH

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