Certificate 15-115

Burglary protecting storage furniture Troax Safe UX500

Troax AB

Troax AB

Burglary protecting storage furniture

SSF 1990-06-30/B


Certificate number:

Certificate holder:
Troax AB

Burglary protecting storage furniture

Product designation:
Troax Safe UX500

SSF 1990-06-30/B

Certification scheme:
Scheme 5 (ISO/IEC 17067:2013)

Period of validity:

The holder of a certificate is responsible for ensuring that the product image corresponds to the issued certificate.

Troax AB

Troax is the leading global supplier of indoor perimeter protection within Machine Guarding, Warehouse Partitioning and Property Protection. Troax develops high quality and innovative safety solutions to protect people, property and processes.

Troax AB
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Organization number: 556093-5719

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