Certificate 11-16

Smoke generator Protect 600

Protect A/S

Protect A/S

Smoke generator

SS-EN 50131-8:2009

Certificate number:

Certificate holder:
Protect A/S

Smoke generator

Product designation:
Protect 600

SS-EN 50131-8:2009

Certification scheme:
Scheme 1a (ISO/IEC 17067:2013)

Period of validity:

The holder of a certificate is responsible for ensuring that the product image corresponds to the issued certificate.

Protect A/S

A Fog Cannon™ from PROTECT will secure your premises within seconds, making it impossible for the burglar to steal anything. This is the only security system that can protect you and your valuables in just seconds.

Protect A/S
Hasselager Centervej 5
DK-8260 Viby J.

+45 86 72 18 81
Organization number: DK25687272

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