New video series on procurement of fire safety and security solutions

SBSC, in cooperation with Magnus Josephson who has many years’ experience in the area of procurement, has produced a series of informative videos to simplify the process of procurement of fire safety and security solutions both for buyers and SBSC-certified providers.

The videos are divided into two series. The first series is intended for SBSC-certified providers who want to achieve greater success in bidding on contracts. The other series is intended for buyers in the public sector who want more support in procuring certified fire safety and security solutions.

”The purpose of the videos is to offer guidance and provide tips relating to procurement of fire safety and security solutions. By providing information about how SBSC certification may be used as a tool in the procurement of fire safety and security solutions, we hope that our certified providers as well as purchasers will take away something which contributes to improving the procurement process,” continues Mattias Nettarp, Public Affairs Advisor at SBSC.

Magnus Josephson is one of Sweden’s most sought-after consultants and lecturers in the area of public procurement and transactions in the public sector. He is a lawyer and business advisor to over 500 companies and public services which are subject to the provisions of the Swedish Public Procurement Act. In the video series, Magnus Josephson discusses, among other things, how providers should prepare and why buyers and procurement officers in the public sector should require certification.

”The most common mistake providers make is to assume, without adequate preparation, that that they will win a contract from an existing customer. Another mistake is to make bids in transactions involving customers with whom they have no relationship, in transactions which are too large or which have been chosen at random. It takes time to learn how to do it and this is something we address in the videos,” says Magnus Josephson.

In the public sector, it is often difficult to acquire the know-how necessary for security-related procurement processes.

”Procurement work should be divided up between the operations manager, security experts and persons knowledgeable about the Public Procurement Act. A good number is three or four persons in the procurement group. Far too often, all of the responsibility falls on the bidders, but procurement work should be carried out as a team,” claims Magnus Josephson.

You will find the videos, checklists, etc, here (in Swedish only)

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