New product specification – SSF 3523 Digital Lock Unit

SBSC now offers certification of products in accordance with the new product specification SSF 3523 Digital Lock Unit.

The SSF 3523 specification is a necessary aid to manufacturers, installers, customers and specifiers. It imposes requirements on digital locks in accordance with the same principles as the specification SSF 3522 Approved Lock Units, except that that it also describes connected products.

The classification of products in accordance with SSF 3523 is based upon characteristics in accordance with the respective EN standards for the products. This has also been supplemented with requirements and testing of burglary protection, picking and manipulation characteristics which are not within the scope of the EN standards. SSF 3523 has been developed to supplement component standards for mechanical and electromechanical locks in order to describe characteristics for a digital lock system in its entirety.

Why is it important to certify your products in accordance with the new standard?

In Sweden, we have a tradition of knowledgeable locksmiths, installers and claimants who have an understanding of and the habit of working with certified products in burglary security. For them, it is important that locking products can be tested and certified to be adapted to the market and its needs. A certified digital locking device shows that the product meets the requirements for our safety and security.

Why choose SBSC?

SBSC is Sweden´s leading certification body in fire safety and security. By offering the market’s most sought after certifications within the areas of fire safety and security, we contribute to the development of high-quality fire and security solutions.

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