Motorcycle locks – find certified and approved locks

While your motorcycle may be valuable to you, you are not the only one who sees the value in it. Be sure to protect your motorcycle with secure and certified locks.

Insurance companies have requirements for how your motorcycle is to be locked. Normally, a certified class C motorcycle lock or a class 3 padlock and chain are required.

Make it harder for a thief

Unfortunately, motorcycle thefts are relatively common crimes, but a relatively modest investment in a certified lock can help you reduce the risk of being a victim of theft. Consider the following to prevent theft of your motorcycle:

  • Your motorcycle should be locked with a certified class C motorcycle lock or with a class 3 padlock and chain. The most common requirement from an insurance company is that the motorcycle is locked with two certified locks, but it is important to check what your policy requires.
  • Carefully choose the place where you park your motorcycle. Park it in an area that is as illuminated and open as possible and preferably somewhere with lots of people.
  • Where possible, lock your motorcycle to a fixed object, e.g. a light pole or a good bicycle rack. Consider the fact that “normal” traffic signs are frequently easy to pull out of the ground, which is why they should not be relied upon.
  • Lock your motorcycle even when you park it at home in the garage.


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