Flexible certification for authorised water sprinkler engineers  

It is now possible to be certified as an authorised water sprinkler engineer in more than one class. The Swedish Fire Protection Association’s updated standard for authorised water sprinkler engineers, SBF 18:5, now allows for custom certifications from SBSC based on the classifications which you satisfy and follow.

The biggest difference with the new standard is that there are three supplementary classes and combinations of these classes which can be chosen when the application is made or later on while the certificate is still valid.

“This means that you can now tailor your certification based on the classifications you satisfy and follow,” says Kenneth Hedman, Area Manager at SBSC.

SBF 1018:5 lays down the requirements for persons who are commercially involved in various types of water-based fire suppression systems. The standard sets forth minimum competency requirements in order to be certified as an authorised water sprinkler engineer. Furthermore, it is possible to extend the certificate to one or more supplementary classes; class B for residential sprinklers, class D for water mist systems and class T for pressurised standpipes. Authorised water sprinkler engineers who meet the requirements of one or more supplementary classes are denominated with class designations BIV-B, BIV-DT, BIV-BDT, etc. SBF 1018:5 class BIV-B corresponds to the former SBF 1018:4 edition.

“We are quite pleased that we can now offer certification in a broad area which is both flexible and can be adapted to the skills set and wishes of the authorised engineers,” says Kenneth Hedman.

Furthermore, in order to facilitate the certification process, SBSC offers examination opportunities in several locations. In addition to Stockholm, exams are now offered in Malmö, Gothenburg, Sundsvall, Jönköping, Gävle, Växjö and Umeå with several additional locations to be added in the autumn.

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