Information meeting

Protective security procurement

Are you interested in learning more about protective security procurement and obtaining insight on how to strengthen your business?

We are happy to co-operate with the Stavenow law firm in providing our certified customers with a rewarding full-day meeting focusing on protective security, protective security procurement and certification.


Why are we offering this information meeting?

On 1 April 2019, new protective security legislation entered into force which provided Sweden with Sweden modernised, extensive legislation applicable to, among other things, procurements which involve classified information. The new Act contains many new additions, and the need for protective security has increased along with the increase in the number of protective security procurements.

We believe that, as a certified customer, you will gain an advantage from increased knowledge regarding protective security procurements which will ultimately result in a safer society.

The purpose of the information meeting

The purpose of the information meeting is to provide certified customers with information which can give you the best advantage in the procurement of contracts involving protective security. Your takeaway will be valuable knowledge about what protective security involves and how your certification may be used to win contracts in protective security procurement processes.

By the end of the information meeting, it is a goal that you will have obtained new insights necessary to:

  • Succeed in obtaining new contracts because you are certified
  • Have an impact on upcoming procurements in the correct way
  • Win longer contracts and improve profitability in your dealings with the public sector

You will learn:

  • The benefit your company obtains through certification
  • The protective security procurement process
  • How to perform a security clearance


The information meeting is conducted by Max Thimmig and Christoffer Stavenow who have authored the book, Säkerhetsskyddad upphandling – juridik och praktik [Protective Security Procurement – Law and Practice].

Stavenow law firm specialises in public procurement and possesses extensive experience within the area. Among others, they have trained the County Administrative Board – one of the supervisory authorities involved in security clearance in protective security procurement processes.  Christoffer Stavenow is a member of the Swedish Bar Association and, among other engagements, has previously worked at the Swedish National Board for Public Procurement, was a legal adviser in the Swedish Armed Forces and at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. He is regarded as one of Sweden’s leading legal advisers in the area of public procurement.

Target audience

The contents have been tailored for SBSC’s customers and focuses on persons who are or will be responsible for protective security procurement in the public sector.


The information will be accessible at all knowledge and experience levels. No prior knowledge is necessary.

Booking and expressions of interest

We invite you to book a spot at the information meeting in Stockholm and two express interest in the events in Malmö and Gothenburg. We follow the recommendations of the Swedish Public Health Agency and accordingly offer a limited number of spots in order to be able to ensure distancing between participants on the premises. We reserve the right to change locations if we consider it necessary in order to comply with the guidelines.

As soon as we have booked the dates and premises for the event this spring, we will update it here and provide information on our channels. Participation is free of charge.

We look forward to your participation.

Please note that this information meeting will be conducted in the Swedish language.

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