Certification provisions company certification

Version: 2018-06-04

1. Introduction

This document constitutes SBSC’s provisions for certification of companies. In addition to these provisions, SBSC’s General Terms and Conditions shall apply.

2. The customers obligations

2.1 General

The customer must at all times fulfil SBSC’s General Terms and Conditions and implement relevant changes when so communicated by SBSC.

The customer must be a legal person.

2.2 The application

The customer shall apply for certification via the client portal on SBSC’s website or in such other manner as instructed by SBSC.

In addition to the application, the applicant shall provide complete and correct information required by SBSC for certification. In the event the applicant or a third party instructed by the applicant is in delay in providing the information or material or fails to take the steps necessary for certification, such delay or failure may give rise to delays and additional costs. SBSC shall not be responsible for such delays and additional costs. When certification occurs, SBSC assumes that the information and material is correct and complete. SBSC shall not be responsible for conclusions or recommendations based on erroneous or inadequate information provided by the applicant.

The information and material must be in Swedish or English.

2.3 Audit
The applicant is obliged to perform the measures required in order for SBSC to be able to conduct the audit.

2.4 Agreement
The certificate holder is obliged to:

  • ensure that the requirements covered by the certification are maintained;
  • without delay, notify SBSC with respect to changes which may alter the conditions for certification;
  • document complaints due to the holder’s operations covered by the certification and the measures taken in response to the complaint;
  • cooperate such that SBSC can monitor compliance by providing correct and necessary information and materials and access to the premises, facilities, areas and personnel required for monitoring.

3. SBSC’s obligations

3.1 SBSC’s obligations
SBSC shall carry out the undertakings set forth in this section in the Certification Provisions applicable from time to time. However, where special reasons exist, SBSC shall be entitled to deviate from such undertakings.

3.2 The application
SBSC shall confirm for the customer the applications SBSC undertakes to process.

3.3 Information
SBSC shall inform the applicant with respect to necessary supporting documentation to be submitted in supplementation of the application.

In the event SBSC determines that necessary supporting documentation has not been received within 12 months following the application, SBSC reserves the right to terminate the application process.

3.4 Evaluation, affirmation and monitoring of compliance.
In accordance with SBSC’s General Terms and Conditions.

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