Certification as thermographer is now easier

SBSC can now certify thermographers in three classes in accordance with the Swedish Fire Protection Association standard SBF 1031:3, “Electrical thermography survey engineer”.

The principal change in the new standard is the division of the certification into three different classes with different requirements in terms of theoretical and practical experience. Two classes apply to high-voltage systems, while the third class involves certification for low-voltage systems. This means that a substantially greater number of people may be certified as thermographers.

”Previously, the certificate applied to all voltage areas. Because these certifications are now divided into classes, certification is available for the voltage area in which a thermographer works and is experienced. The introduction of classes will make the certification more relevant to all types of electrical facilities. For example, electrical installation firms can now certify all of their electricians, Mattias Hopkins, Area Manager at SBSC.

” We are delighted with the publication of the new standard and believe that it will be used widely with the consequence that it will be used to a greater extent as the benchmark for thermography,” continues Mattias.

Another reason for revising the standard has been to allow more and more people to be able to obtain certification as a thermographer and to assure quality on the market. The Swedish Fire Protection Association wants to raise the level of knowledge and awareness amongst property owners, operators, and standards authorities about the way in which electrical thermography can reduce the risk of outages and electrical fires.

” Today, there are 22 people who have been certified according to the standard. This is far too few considering the benefits of electrical thermography. There is lots of room on the market for additional certified thermographers who can make Sweden a safer place by preventing fires,” says Joakim Jonsson, Electrical Expert, Swedish Fire Protection Association.

In order to facilitate the certification process, SBSC offers examinations in several locations. In addition to Stockholm, we now offer examinations in Malmö, Gothenburg, Sundsvall, Jönköping, Gävle, Växjö, Skövde, Örebro, Östersund and Umeå.
Read more about certification for thermographers here (Swedish)

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